How to Install Thrive Architect – WordPress Landing Page Plugin
In this video, we download the brand new WordPress Plugin 'Thrive Architect', install it on a fresh WordPress installation, activate the license and give it a test by publishing a professional landing page in under 5 minutes.
Landing Page Workshop – Recreating Amy Porterfield’s Resources Page
In this video, we'll choose a landing page or utility page from around the web and recreate it using the Thrive Content Builder plugin - a fantastic visual editor for wordpress that lets you drag and drop elements on the page to create anything you like.
How to build trust and convert more sales with testimonials
Testimonials are much more than just reviews. They are powerful success stories from past customers, and they answer one of the most important questions for future customers: "Is this product right for me?"
Saving Lost Sales and Increasing Conversion with an FAQ
Today you’ll learn how to increase your sales page conversion rates by directly addressing your visitors’ most common concerns using a FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, section.
Learn the Single Biggest Multiplier of Successful Email Marketing
There are a number of dials you can adjust to improve email marketing... template design, subjects, subscriber list size etc. But nothing is more important than building an engaged and relevant list of people who find value in every email you send.


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