Landing Page Workshop - Recreating Amy Porterfield's Resources Page -

Landing Page Workshop – Recreating Amy Porterfield’s Resources Page

In this video, we’ll choose a landing page or utility page from around the web and recreate it using the Thrive Content Builder plugin – a fantastic visual editor for wordpress that lets you drag and drop elements on the page to create anything you like.

You can read more about Thrive Content Builder here

In today’s workshop, we’ll be looking at the resources page from the very talented Amy Porterfield – you can check out her website and podcast at

Her web designer has done a fantasic job with the branding, layout and user experience. The page design is clean, functional and reassuring. It’s a perfect page to analyse and get our teeth into!

The video is a step-by-step tutorial – it’s long but full of tips and advice for structuring and styling your WordPress landing pages. Together, we’ll break down the elements Amy uses on her resources page to understand the role and function of section and element.

Then we’ll recreate the entire page in less than half and hour using the visual editor.

One of the biggest reasons I like and use Thrive Content Builder is because it’s like working on my live website. What you see in the editor is exactly is exactly what your visitors see on the published page. There’s no more switching back and forth trying to guess how your changes will affect the finished landing page!




Designing landing pages in Wordpress is frustrating.

Tweak the code ➞ switch windows ➞ refresh ... rinse and repeat for hours! Even then you're never quite happy with the results.

Stop. Save your sanity and time!

Build your landing pages quickly using pre-designed visual elements that are proven to convert.