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Building a highly effective email marketing strategy to encourage customer feedback, sell more products and services, and help your audience to know, like and trust your brand.

  • How can you build a powerful email list of interested leads?
  • How can you improve deliverability, open rate and click through rates?
  • How can you decrease unsubscribes and SPAM complaints?
  • How can you encourage real conversations with potential customers that lead to fervant fans of your brand?
  • How can you continue a relationship with your audience, long after they have left your website?

In case you can't tell yet, I am a huge advocate of email as a powerful marketing and communications channel. But I disagree with the outdated strategy of broadcast-only email.

By treating each email as a personal conversation with each subscriber, and focusing on GIVING value before asking, your audience look forward to seeing your brand in their inbox.

Here's some genuine screenshots from recent email campaigns...

How I Can Help


First, we'll understand your audience: their needs, interests, challenges and fears. We'll define language that they can relate to and ways your business can leave a lasting impression by giving value in your email strategy.

Then we'll choose the right tools and systems to give your team control and visibility of your email list. Don't worry, this will include training and support where required.

Then it's time to plan your email communication schedule... how, when, why and to whom you'll send emails. This will include some value-packed 'evergreen' emails that go out automatically to each new subscriber.

Email Template Design

We can design emails that look great on computers, tablets and mobile devices, and across the range of email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail etc.)

List Management

We'll help you collect email addresses on your website using compelling calls to action that communicate the value of subscribing. It's also important to segment your subscribers so you can send ultra-targeted emails to smaller subsets based on their interests.

Agency Support

Is your agency looking to boost your SEO resource quickly?

I provide reliable overspill services for SEO agencies, helping to smooth periods of under-resourcing due to new business wins, staff absence and emergency campaign activity.

Email Strategy


Email Design

Deliverability Audits

List Growth Strategy

Client Training

Depending on your needs and client relationship, I can operate behind the scenes as a white-label supplier or liaise directly with the client as an expert resource you've brought on to enhance their campaign.

Experiences of Working with David

We appointed an agency to manage our SEO account and David was assigned to our account. He was a pleasure to work with.

David is deeply, deeply knowledgeable on all things SEO from the basics of on-page optimisation to the intricacies of site architecture and advanced link building techniques.

David was always on hand to answer any calls and questions. David's expertise enabled us to streamline and optimise a global site in 5 languages. I was disappointed to hear he'd moved on, any company making use of David's vast skillset will not be disappointed.

Laurie Glover ... SeaFrance

I worked with David at MediaVest Manchester when integrating both PPC and SEO marketing strategies across a number of clients. David's knowledge of search engine optimisation is exceptional, which is backed up by managerial qualities that made him an important member of both the MediaVest search team and the entire agency.

Darral Wilson ... MediaVest

I've worked with David on a number of integrated PPC / SEO campaigns and at every turn have been impressed by his dedication to and knowledge of search engine optimisation.

With his passion for SEO and wider knowledge of online channels we have been able to implement innovative campaigns that deliver results across a variety of brands and sectors.

Paul Maddock ... MediaVest

I worked closely with David as I dealt with the paid search element of SEM. David is a dedicated member, and I was very disappointed when he left the organisation, as if everyone in the organisation was as talented, dedicated and easy to work with it would be the no.1 company in Europe.

Garry Hudson ... DSGi Business

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There are a number of dials you can adjust to improve email marketing... template design, subjects, subscriber list size etc. But nothing is more important than building an engaged and relevant list of people who find value in every email you send.